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Learn Penetration testing, White Hat Hacking and how to test your network for vulnerabilities

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What is Penetration Testing and White Hat Hacking?

Penetration Testing is simulating a cyber attack on a target machine or network. This simulated attack will check for vulnerabilities in the system and security flaws. It enables the penetration tester to provide advice on what can be done to improve security of the system.

On this website we will introduce some of the concepts for penetration testing and White Hat Hacking.

Blog Posts

Cracking Linux passwords with John The Ripper

In our previous tutorial we gained root access to our target Linux machine running metasploitable. So now what can we do? Let’s try to crack some passwords and system credentials. First thing is to grab the password hashes. This is simply done by typing We get an output like above. Select the results, copy and…

Hack Metasploitable with UnrealIRC backdoor

Metasploitable is an OS with baked in vulnerabilities for you to practice exploits using Metasploit. In this tutorial we will be taking a look at ow to gain a reverse shell on our target machine by exploiting the UnrealIRC backdoor. What is IRC? IRC means Internet Relay Chat, it is a messaging service that was…

Cracking SSH Password on Metasploitable

Metasploitable as we explored in previous blog posts is made to be exploited. Ideal for those learning penetration testing and wanting to become familiar with the procedures, and techniques. In this article we will look at how we can exploit a vulnerability in SSH that allows us to obtain the root user password. The first…