Wireshark – Packet Sniffing Passwords

Wireshark comes packaged in Kali Linux, and is a useful packet sniffer. Basically it will capture all the network packets that are transferred on a given network. This is a good example of why you should not use public wifi hotspots to login to websites. There is a caveat, almost any website worth anything theseContinue reading “Wireshark – Packet Sniffing Passwords”

Kali Hashcat and John the Ripper Crack Windows Password hashdump

In our last tutorial we took a look at how to gain access to a windows machine, elevate the user privileges and then get a hashdump of the passwords for the user accounts. using Meterpreter. Now we have a text file on our desktop of the passwords but they are in an unreadable format. ThisContinue reading “Kali Hashcat and John the Ripper Crack Windows Password hashdump”