Kali Hashcat and John the Ripper Crack Windows Password hashdump

In our last tutorial we took a look at how to gain access to a windows machine, elevate the user privileges and then get a hashdump of the passwords for the user accounts. using Meterpreter. Now we have a text file on our desktop of the passwords but they are in an unreadable format. ThisContinue reading “Kali Hashcat and John the Ripper Crack Windows Password hashdump”

Meterpreter hash dump with windows 10

So let’s assume you have been able to gain access to the target machine. In this instance I have access with meterpreter as detailed in previous tutorial. We then bypassed UAC to elevate our privileges. When we run the above you will find getsystem fails To elevate the system privileges we will bypass UAC firstContinue reading “Meterpreter hash dump with windows 10”